Becoming a Professional Gamer – Stream on

Being a professional gamer requires more than just talent in playing video games. It also requires an ability to communicate with players, communicate with sponsors, and represent yourself publicly in such a manner that you don’t lose credibility with either of those groups. There is a certain amount of responsibility that comes with being a pro-gamer, so it’s not all just fun and games. The best way to get yourself out there, and to work on your ability to communicate effectively and respectfully, is to perform Live Streams. is one of the fastest growing live-stream communities out there, and they have an excellent reputation for high quality streamers in regards to respectful communications.


1. BE RESPECTFUL – Even in the face of rudeness, simply out-class those who are trying to bring you down to their level. Hurling insults is not a paid skill, unless you are a stand-up comedian. It doesn’t have a value in professional gaming, and trashing someone never pays in the eyes of sponsors, so keep yourself and your communications clean and respectful. Simply have good moderators who know what speech to block and when to ban players who are being abusive to you or to your followers.

2. KEEP IT ABOUT GAMING – Don’t stray on other topics while gaming. This isn’t CNN or Fox News, so unless you read it on IGN or Wired, and it’s about gaming or gaming technology, don’t discuss it. This includes politics, religion, and hate speech.

3. POST YOUR RULES – Create a list of rules and post them on your streaming profile on Mixer. You need clear rules that your followers must abide by and your Moderators (Mods) must enforce. No exceptions and no favoritism. Issue a warning, and track what users have been warned and banned with a spreadsheet. It’s easier to send a spreadsheet to your Mods so that they can track who are the major pains, who has been banned for what, so that extended bans or lifetime bans can be issued when warranted.

4. HAVE FUN – Remember, you are gaming! Have fun with it, and try to relax with it from time to time. Do something different every now and then to keep your audience guessing as to what you’ll do next. Record and post your streams from time to time to YouTube, and highlight amazing moments (both of you gaming AND funny moments with followers in chat), as your followers will appreciate recognizing them.

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