Beta Alanine – The New Addition to Your Daily Supplement Regimen



Beta-Alanine's positive effects on the human body is backed by major university and peer-reviewed studies performed on humans - not the typical cell or rat studies upon which many supplement manufacturers generally base claims.

Researchers began studying beta-alanine, and its effects upon muscle power output, muscle fatigue, and lean body mass. We owe a great deal to the scientists who are constantly doing the necessary work and research on beta-alanine and other supplement new-comers. If it weren't for them, great supplements like beta-alanine and creatine might have never made it to the shelves of your local supplement stores. Their ongoing efforts in research has revealed how to properly manufacture, use, and effectively maximize the benefits of these compounds.

One of the key scientists involved in pioneering the research on beta-alanine is Dr. Roger Harris. If you don't immediately recognize his name, you should.  He is the same man that brought Creatine to the bodybuilding world with his groundbreaking study published in 1992. As it turns out, he has found yet another major success in pioneering and introducing supplements with beta-alanine. His efforts have not been solely his own, as Dr. Jeffrey Stout has been diligently publishing and compiling research on beta-alanine without showing any signs of stopping any time soon. Other notable mentions, who are publishing research on beta-alanine include Dr. Kim, Dr. Hill, and Dr. Tallon.


What are the benefits of adding Beta Alanine to my regimen?

  • Increases muscle work capacity so you can train longer and harder.
  • Increases muscle strength and power output.
  • Increases muscle mass.
  • Increases muscle anaerobic endurance.
  • Increases aerobic endurance.


Beta-Alanine helps with the production of Carnosine. Carnosine is directly responsible for the buffering, or blocking, of free-floating Hydrogen ions produced during exercise. These Hydrogen ions negatively impact our body's PH balance, making it more acidic, which drastically inhibits muscle performance once out bodies become more acidic. This acidic state immediately results in the drastic decreasing of your strength output and causes your muscles to fatigue faster.

By buffering these Hyrdrogen ions from your cells, you are maintaining your proper PH balance and are therefore increasing overall muscle energy output and are effectively delaying a fatigue response from the work that they are doing. Plus, consistent use of Beta-Alanine in your supplement regimen has long-lasting benefits as well. Researchers have shown that when supplementing with beta-alanine for just 4 weeks, you can increase your carnosine concentration by 42-65%. Longer beta-alanine, spanning out to 10-12 weeks, show carnosine concentrations increasing up to 80%. This shows a tremendous benefit for continued use of beta-alanine, and how it can truly benefit your training and overall physical maintenance of your body through exercise.

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