Will a 40% Discount Get You to Try a New Energy Supplement?

Will a 40% discount compel you to try a new energy supplement? Americans, and people in general, tend to be loyalists when they find a product that they love. However, how does a new product pursuade people to give it a try? If you have an amazing energy supplement product, which you receive 99.5% positive feedback regarding flavor and quality, how do you convince the rest of America that they need to give it a try?

Please complete the poll above and let us know if a 40% discount is enough to get you to try a new energy supplement. While Evil Energy is a versatile supplement, can turn any drink into an energy drink, can be used as a daily booster or as a pre-workout, and has zero sugars and is gluten free, the question is not considering all of these amazing qualities. It is a simple question of if an energy supplement offers you a 40% discount, would you give it a try?


Thank You,

Jason E. Cloninger
Social Media & Marketing Director